What is the best LED bathroom mirror?

Bathroom Mirror With Lighting and 3 Other Luxury Functions

Buy a bathroom mirror with lighting? Plus looking for other luxury features available? More and more people are transforming their sanitary facilities into true wellness. To a spa and a place to relax, for example, thanks to the handy extras on the mirrors that are available.

In this way, a bathroom mirror is much more than the opportunity to wash your hair, style your hair or do make-up in the morning.

It is part of the bathroom interior, which contributes to the pleasant and luxurious atmosphere that you experience there. Especially with the useful tips and options, we have available for this.

Luxury bathroom mirror: the possibilities

Curious about the possibilities of a luxury bathroom mirror, to make it your own wellness or spa? We list them for you:

  • Lighting in the mirror
  • Mirror with heating
  • Integrated clock
  • With socket and switch

1. Lighting in the mirror

The best-known form of luxury is of course lighting in the mirror. Something that contributes to the spatial effect actually saves space and can also look very luxurious.

There is (LED) fluorescent lighting in the mirror, which is placed behind the glass. The big advantage of this is that it seems to be part of the whole. Thanks to a transparent or a matt plate, which ensures that the light will radiate in a nice diffuse way.

Tip: use a luxurious mirror with lighting in the bathroom? Look closely at the color of the light. In white, warm white, or a cooler temperature for lighting that provides energy in the morning.

2. Mirror with heating

How do heated bathroom mirrors work?It gets really interesting when you equip the bathroom mirror with heating, for example. That way, the mirror will no longer just fog up when you take a shower or take a bath.

As soon as the tap opens and you let out the hot water, two things happen in the bathroom. The temperature of the air increases, just like the humidity at that moment.

The relatively warm air can absorb more moisture, creating steam. The moisture is transferred to, for example, the bathroom tiles and the mirror. Fortunately, this is not so clearly visible on the tiles, but in the mirror, it creates a thick haze.

Heating on the mirror prevents a difference in temperature between the mirror and the warmer air. Instead, the mirror is just as warm, so the moisture just lingers in the air. The result? A beautiful, clean mirror that you can continue to use, such as in a luxury spa or wellness center.

3. Integrated clock

Do you know the films in which a personal assistant is processed in the mirror? To ask in the morning what the weather will do today or to prepare a cup of coffee? Even those are possibilities that already exist, although they are not yet available to the general public.

It is already possible to use a bathroom mirror with a clock in it. Digital or analog, for a beautiful representation of the time. In a very luxurious way, which gives the bathroom as a whole a beautiful, modern look. To enjoy or not to look at when you are taking a nice bath. To deal with it the way you want.

4. With socket and switch

Wellness consists of beautiful materials and also has plenty of practical benefits to offer. Something we understand very well at Douche Concurrent. That is why we would like to point out the possibilities of combining the bathroom mirror with a socket and a switch.

This is possible when you choose a complete mirror cabinet instead of a mirror. More space is then available to accommodate the socket and switch. Handy, so that you always have it at hand. And important for the design, because they both disappear behind the cupboard that you can close again afterward.

In this way, you maintain the beautiful appearance in the bathroom, while all the conveniences are present to connect a power socket or a straightening and curling iron.

The ideal choice is in a spa or wellness. Where the beautiful tiles are not interrupted by an ugly socket. So that the bathroom tiles contribute to the beautiful interior. And you still have the option to connect the devices quickly.

Are lighted bathroom mirrors worth it?

Buy bathroom mirror: luxury range

We are happy to help you find inspiration to choose a beautiful luxury bathroom mirror. Good quality and excellent for taking the bathroom to a higher level. Thanks to the lighting, the heating, the clock, and, for example, the possibilities in a bathroom cabinet. With the socket and switch, so you can switch the lights and connect a device.

In this way, we are happy to be your specialist in the field of bathrooms so that you can make your own there. See also No More Condensation on the Bathroom Mirror: 3 Practical Tips

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