Best Drain Cleaner for Any Clogged Toilet, Shower, Sinks & Tubs

Top 5 Best Drain Cleaners for Hair, Grease & PVC Pipes

A clogged drain can be a serious problem for any household, so drain cleaner is available, a good idea. This common problem can be caused by hair, grease, dirt, and other materials that often get into your drain and easily block it.

These things can cause a complete blockage or a slow drain pipe. Here are some steps and techniques you can use to get rid of a lump in your drain and keep it from getting clogged in the future.

Step 1 – Set up

Before you do anything, you need to select a drain cleaner and plan on using it. If you have a septic tank, read the label on the drain cleaners you want to buy in advance. Some drain cleaners don’t mix well with septic tanks and can damage them.

After purchasing your drain cleaner, open all windows in the area where you will be working. The drain cleaner can produce noxious fumes and it is a bad idea to use them in an enclosed area without ventilation.

Step 2 – Using drain cleaner

Put on your safety glasses and gloves before proceeding. Drain cleaner, regardless of type, is formulated to dissolve organic matter and can harm people.

Carefully pour the required amount down your drain. Do not use more than the instructions ask, as you may need to repeat the process.

Wait about 20 minutes. You can wait longer if your drain is still clogged.

If your drain seems to be working fine, run the hot water continuously. This serves two purposes: it checks that the drain is completely clogged and flushes out all semi-dissolved particles before they harden again.

When the hot water has built up all the way, you know your drain is still clogged or slow. At this point, you will need to reuse the drain cleaner.

The Best Drain Cleaner for Any Clogged Toilet, Shower, Sinks & Tubs

Find out which drain cleaner to use as your plumber-in-a-pinch, depending on the plumbing in your home and the type of clog you’re seeking to clear.

Today I’m going to show some of the drain cleaners which are best sold and reviewed in the last couple of months on Amazon.

Let’s go start number one

#1 Bio clean drain septic bacteria

 The Best Drain Cleaner for Any Clogged Toilet, Shower

It’s not the cheapest shower drain cleaner on the market. But hundreds of reviews say this drain cleaner from bio clean is worth it. Made from enzymes and natural bacteria this formula attacks hair soap scum. And other waste that’s clogging your pipes.

To use:  you mix one tablespoon of the power with a pint of water. Pour it down the drain and let it sit for 6 8 hours. Preferably overnight when the shower won’t be in use.

It’s recommended that you do this for five days in a row. And then once your pipes are clear that you use it monthly to help prevent future clogging customers rave about the results they get with bio clean they say it’s a great long-term solution and that regular use is key.

They also love the fact that it’s natural and doesn’t contain chemicals that will harm their pipes or the environment.

#2 Sun lab safer drain opener

There are plenty of chemicals you can pour down the drains that make you the clog. But those chemicals may also harm our nation’s waterways and damage your pipes.

This drain cleaner from some lab however is biodegradable but still boasts all the power to unclog your pipes. It’s touted as the perfect balance between effective. Toxic chemical cleaners and enzyme cleaners that are painfully slow to work.

To use:  you pour 16 ounces of the liquid down the drain let it work for about half an hour then rinse with warm water. What’s more, the cleaner is odorless and it doesn’t leave behind harsh chemical fumes like some other cleaners.

#3 Professor Amos superfast drain cleaner

Amazon Best Sellers: Best Chemical Drain Openers

When your drain is seriously clogged and you find yourself standing in ankle-high water,  you need something tough like this cleaner from professor Amos care soap.

And oil is no match for this fast-acting formula that attacks them and gets your water flowing again. It’s safe for all types of pipes and will take on grease in your kitchen sink as well.

To use:  you just pour the liquid into your drain and then watch it go to work. Online videos show impressive results with it dissolving hair and other waste.

On contact, customers give it high marks and say it has saved them from what we’re sure to be expensive plumbing bills.

#4 Dissolve liquid hair and grease clog remover drain cleaner

The green gobbler drain cleaner features a dual-chambered bottle.

Then allow pouring one at the time so no measuring is required using one chamber.

For smaller jobs such as sinks and tubs, use two chambers for toilets liquefies any drain obstructions caused by fats, oils, lint and hair features rapid hair dissolve.

The technology works on contact the high-density formula is heavier than water sinks and clings to the blockage.

To work fast safe and biodegradable while green gobbler does work on hair and soap buildup.

It works best on grease and oil liquefying them so they can be flushed away with boiling water.

The proprietary enzyme-based ingredients are also safer to use than drain openers.

Containing caustic sodium hydroxide and emit no strong chemical odors.

#5 Drano max gel drain cleaner

The Drano max gel drain cleaner features a thick bleach formula that cuts right through standing water.

Formula clings to even the toughest clogs for quick removal fast-acting works in just 15 minutes.

Contains an ingredient to protect pipes from corrosion.

Pours through standing water straight to the clog can leave in drains overnight removes soap scum care and other gunky clogs.

There’s no guessing about how much to pour down the drain the two-chambered bottle holds two precise doses, just pour in one of the pre-measured amounts, and wait at least 30 minutes or up to overnight then flush.

Away from the clog with hot water pros and cons safe to use impressive power well. For hair and grease cons not suitable for complete obstructions

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