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Tips and Tricks on Choosing Bathroom Accessories for Small Spaces

Every house needs to be comfortable as well as beautiful. Therefore, not only a functional furniture, you also need to add some decorations around your house. Therefore, your house will not look bland and boring. However, to decorate your house, you need to choose the decoration that suits your house’s theme.

This principle should be applied to every room in the house, including bathroom no matter how limited space is. As one of the most important rooms in the house, you need to be wise in choosing bathroom accessories for small spaces.

Therefore, here are several tips and trick that you can use to choose the best decorations for your bathroom.

How To Choose The Right Accessories For Bathroom?

When choosing bathroom accessories for small spaces, the first thing you need to consider is the space available. Since there are only limited space that can be use, you can’t use up all the space for the decoration.

Therefore, you can simply use the decoration that has a double function.

For example, you can use the laundry basket that has a unique and beautiful design, therefore not only as a laundry basket, it will also have the same decorating function as the vase that usually placed in the bathroom if there is enough space.

This kind of application can be used so you get the function as well as the beauty.

Aside from the double function of furniture, you can also use the furniture that has simple embellishment when choosing bathroom accessories for small spaces.

For example, the cupboard that you will place in the bathroom for the bathroom supplies should have some carving or ornament around it. Therefore, the furniture itself will add more beauty to the small room without trying too hard.

However, you need to make sure that the embellishment and ornament have the same theme as your bathroom.

For example, if you have an elegant theme bathroom, the ornament could be of the rose design. While for the modern theme bathroom, the decoration could be a simple graphic design.

Another tips when choosing bathroom accessories for small spaces is to choose the decoration that could be hanging on the wall instead of standing on the floor.

Because, when the decoration is on the floor, it has tendencies on making the room feels more crowded.

Therefore, instead of a vase or a standing lamp, it is better to choose bathroom accessories for small spaces in form of paintings or a wall lamp. Therefore, you can save more space to move around the bathroom without bumping into stuff.

As for the last tips on choosing bathroom accessories for small spaces, it would be better to make the decoration in a contrast color as the room itself.

For a small bathroom, the color of the wall is usually a bright color to create the illusion of wide and spacious. Therefore, to make the room feels more alive and have other color’s touch, you can play with the bathroom decoration color.

Be it a pop and eye catching color or a simple bold black or brown color, it will be very pretty when being placed in a room with soft and bright color. However, be careful not to use too many colors because the room will look tacky and without concept. See also: Applying the Bathroom Mirror Ideas – Decorating and Accessories.

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