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How to Clean a Bathroom Professionally: Useful Tips

Do you know that? In the beginning, your tile joints in the bathroom are still so beautifully white, but after a while, they really become yellower and gentler! Then it’s time to add in the bathroom cleaning. Unfortunately not the most fun cleaning task, but you will see that your bathroom looks new again. We’ll give you a few useful tips!

Why add bathroom cleaning?

First of all, why do these joints get so dirty every time? That’s mainly because of dirt that gets stuck in the joints. Think of dust, soap residues, and lime residues, which are left behind during showers. Even if you regularly clean the tiles in the bathroom, there will be dirt residue in the joints. As a result, the beautiful white joints will slowly discolor.

If the joints in the shower are not cleaned properly, it may be that mold develops. And that’s a less pleasant idea! Cleaning the joints in the bathroom is therefore an important job for a hygienic bathroom.

Get started with cleaning vinegar and water

 the best way to clean a bathroom floorThere are several options for adding bathroom cleaning. Aren’t the joints discolored yet? Then use a spray bottle with cleaning vinegar and water.

Cleaning vinegar is the panacea against dirt and lime in the bathroom. Spray the joints with the mixture and leave to sod for about 30 minutes. Then remove a sponge over the joints and rinse well with water. The advantage of cleaning vinegar is that this also cleans the tiles well.

Plan B: Add bathroom cleaning with bleach

Doesn’t the bathroom cleaning with cleaning vinegar and water work? Then it’s time for a more powerful drug: bleach. The joints bathroom cleaning with this remedy actually always works, if it does require some work. You need:

  • Old clothes
  • Old toothbrush
  • Bleach
  • Water

Before you start, put on old clothes and open a window. Bleach is quite aggressive, which makes it important to air the room properly. Dilute the bleach with water and apply it to the dirty joints with an old toothbrush.

You will see that the joints turn white again. Rinse the joints well and make sure that no bleach remains are left behind. With the above means, be good on the kit edges, vinegar and bleach can affect the silicone kit.

Ready-made joint cleaners

Would you rather not get started mixing pale and water? Then you can also use ready-made joint cleaners to clean the bathroom joints. These cleaners are already in an aerosol can, ready for use. Also, make sure that you put on old clothes and open the window properly. Take a look at our range of cleaning products, to get your bathroom shiny clean again.

The bathroom is as good as new again

Cleaning the joints in the bathroom takes some time, but your bathroom will look as good as new at the end of the job. Even if you think your bathroom needs replacing, it certainly pays to clean the joints first. The bathroom immediately kicks in. Read our other tips: How to Remove Limescale From Bathroom Tiles, Kettle, ShowerHead, Toilet Bowl

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