Beautiful Bathroom Color Schemes

Ideas for Bathroom Color Schemes: Paint Color for Walls, Ceilings and Floors

Colour schemes for bathrooms really depend on the space that you’re working with as well as whether or not you’re willing to replace the tile. If you just have a lot of white tile in your space then really your color options are endless. However, if you want more of a dramatic look then you can go with deeper and richer colors or even designer custom kinds of tile.

Beautiful Bathroom Color Schemes

From soothing to chic and sassy, these hues and color combos have the ability to transform the look of a humdrum bathroom.

Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

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Bathroom Colors - How To Paint A Bathroom

Soothing Blue – Warm colors like orange and red represent energy, while cool blues and greens have a soothing and calming effect, the makings of an ideal spa-style color palette. To start, choose a blue or green color you really like, and don’t shy away from darker tones.

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Energizing Orange – Color affects mood, so before you settle on a shade, ask yourself how you want to feel in your bathroom. Energized or relaxed? Do you want a space that is stately and formal or cozy and casual? The subdued terra-cotta orange in this bathroom is energizing but doesn’t overwhelm when paired with neutral tile. Bonus: The tile itself is a great way to introduce color.

Best Bathroom Colors - Paint Color Schemes for Bathrooms
Popular Bathroom Paint Colors

Bathroom paint color ideas help you to create a spa-like an effect. Green and white are both very popular for these schemes. You could even add a country kind of appearance if you go with a painted vanity. They should still be neutral such as a very pale green or a taupe kind of color. However, if you want a spa-like an effect then just leave your walls and most of your fixtures white.

You also might want to draw inspiration from shower curtains or taupe walls. We are seeing a lot of lace and organza overlays on both of these with more streamlined looks. This definitely isn’t going to be your grandmother’s lace shower curtain.

It can use a lot of neutral grays, and pale blues. This is going to match colors together that you wouldn’t normally think of using. However, if you’re really feeling daring you could pick a different tone for each one of your walls.

Another option would be to go with very dramatic black bathroom walls. This works best if you have a lot of pattern on your walls because then you’re not going to have as much of a dark wall color.

This can even be a way that you freshen up a vintage style bathroom with a lot of honeycomb or subway tile in it. This definitely gives a contemporary take on a bathroom that will never go out of style even if you do need to change your paint color later on.

Bathroom tile also can be the very inspiration for your tile color. We are even seeing granite and marbles in these spaces. Even though it is quite expensive often times these at least have black flecks in them, although you can also a try a black granite countertop. If you do go with black walls you want to bring in natural elements for more of a Zen-like kind of vibe.

You could even use a lot of river rocks as your inspiration. Display these in glass jars. Then bring in bamboo vanities or bath mats to just really relate back to the black wall color because relating it back to nature does make the wall color seem less stark.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Small Bathroom Color Schemes Home Design Ideas

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Unique Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas
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Rich Mahogany With White and Gray – A popular color combo in newly built homes, mahogany and crisp white works wonders when paired in the bathroom. Create a neutral playing field by painting the walls a muted clay-like gray, and incorporate textures via tile, flowers and even beveled mirrors.

Paint really allows you to tie your entire Colour schemes for bathrooms together and create inexpensive decor. It’s also not going to be harmed by steam and water the way that wallpaper would.

You can still use a lot of white in your design style so it relates back to your tile. You don’t want the art to make your room feel smaller. This could be quite simplistic by stenciling words over your mirror. In fact, if you have a frameless style then you may even be able to stencil words or poetry around the entire piece.

Another option would be to just paint whimsical frames or scroll work around the mirror or even bring in more of a vine effect if you like the shabby chic kind of look.

Florals are always a staple in a lot of bathrooms but you can make it slightly edgy. Consider going with an entire wall mural or really be inspired by the idea of wall panels which you can also finish off with molding. Each panel could be a different flower. This could be anything from irises to lilacs to bring in pale purple. This will differ from your basic shabby chic cottage roses but still uses a pretty feminine color palette.

Bathroom painting can also help you to work with tile that is either a little bit bland or outdated.

Colour schemes for bathrooms use isn’t just for the walls. You might be able to use these on your tiles. It works best if it’s just on your accent tiles. You may need to talk to someone about glazing pieces.

If you really want to get an entirely new color all over your bathroom especially the shower area because sometimes this will flake.

Another option would be to use tile decals to change the pattern completely. You could even match this to decoupage ideas and patterns that you use on your vanity. You might also like one of the great article about Small Bathroom Vanity Cabinets: Layout and Design Ideas and see also about Applying the Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Decorating and Accessories.

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