Floor design ideas for small bathrooms

Bathroom Floor Design Ideas: Tile Layout, Pattern – Photo Gallery

Bathroom floor tile designs ideas – Although it is usually being taken for granted and unnoticed, the bathroom floor design actually plays a big rule in not only for this function but also for the look and beauty of the bathroom itself.

It should be selected and also be carefully thought to make sure it is perfect for your need and your taste.

Believe me when I say the right choice of the floor could instantly change the overall look of the room, while the wrong choice of design will keep you away from achieving the look you are going for in mind. Therefore, here are some ideas and tricks on how to choose and decorate the floor that you can use for your bathroom.

How to select the right tile for bathroom floor

Bathroom floor tile ideas
Bathroom tiles designs
Small bathroom floor tile size
Bathroom floor tile layout

First of all, you need to know what your bathroom space need. If you don’t have the separate bathroom for the dry and wet activity, it is better to keep all the tiles not slippery.

Choose the tiles to have the rough texture. For example, the stone material could be best for the tiles. And don’t forget to make sure that the floor is crooked to the water drainage direction so it will not be flooded.

However, if you have the separate type of bathroom, you can explore your creativity more in bathroom floor design by using different tiles for the dry part. It can be marble or simple plain tiles. Just don’t forget to keep it match the wet part of the bathroom so it can be one unity although they are different at the same time.

How to choose bathroom tile colors

Bathroom tiles color combination

Bathroom floor tile color ideas
Tiles color combination for bathroom

Creative Bathroom Tiles Ideas

Aside from the tile selection, the color should also be well selected for the bathroom floor design. It should be in the bright color so it will help to make your bathroom feels more spacious such as broken white and crème, although white color is not recommended because it can get dirty easily.

Furthermore, you can also match the color of the tiles with the theme of your bathroom. Calm and soft color for the elegant theme, gray or pastel for the modern minimalist theme, or it can be a bright and cheerful color for children theme.

Make sure that whatever color you are using, it is not the only color there is. Because then, the bathroom will look dead and uninviting. Mix in some hint of contradicting color and you will be able to make the color pop.

Tips for combining tile flooring styles in your bathroom

Bathroom floor tile layout patterns
Best bathroom tiles design
Simply Chic Bathroom Tile Design Ideas
Subway tile patterns bathroom

The last things you need for the bathroom floor design are the details. For example, to embellish such a humble thing like floor tiles, you can simply arrange the tiles so it will make a beautiful pattern.

If you want it to be more eye catching, you can use several colors so the pattern will be more attractive and make the bathroom atmosphere more alive. And to add more texture and accent, you can choose the variety of tiles with different texture and material.

For example, the marble tiles could be combined with stones application. It will be very unique and beautiful. Aside from playing with color and pattern, you can also use a carpet for the dry part of the bathroom. It will make the bathroom look cleaner and it will add more luxurious feeling to the bathroom.

Even though it is often forgotten, the bathroom floor is still the part of the room that is matter. It will support the entire decorations that you are trying to put together. Therefore, the bathroom floor design should also be carefully considered.

Furthermore, since you will be stepping on it, it should also bear the function of safety and comfortable. Don’t ever let the beauty cause makes the bathroom unsafe for you and your family. This way, you will have the perfect floor for your bathroom as a whole. You might also read one of the great articles about nature-inspired bathroom designs and see also about small bathroom design ideas.

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