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4 Important Requirements for The Dimensions of The Toilet

Are you looking for a new toilet? Then you have the choice of different toilet types and sizes. Toilet dimensions may not seem so important to take into account but on the contrary! The dimensions of the toilet should be adjusted to the available space where the toilet is located.

You may be wondering what the importance is of determining the dimensions of the toilet. The answer is quite simple: a human spends an average of 10 minutes on the toilet every day, which is about 1 hour and 10 minutes a week! It is nice to take into account the dimensions as much as possible so that you can use a comfortable toilet every day. But how do you determine the correct dimensions of the toilet? We’ll explain it to you!
Determine toilet dimensions: what can you look out for?

What can you look for at the right toilet sizes?

We list 4 important requirements for the size of the toilet for you:

  • Toilet size
  • The right toilet height
  • Suitable toilet depth and width
  • The household

Toilet dimensions tailored to toilet space

Standard Bathroom Rules and Guidelines with MeasurementsFirst of all, it is important to check how much space you have available for the toilet. Based on the toilet or space in your bathroom, you can decide whether it is wiser to buy a standing or hanging toilet. Then you can also choose which type of reservoir fits best. There are large reservoirs with a lot of depth, but also very narrow reservoirs and built-in reservoirs with which you can save space.

At Douche Concurrent you have a choice of different types and sizes of the toilet. Do you need help finding the right size of the toilet? We are your specialists for the toilet, both online and in the showroom. We help you find a perfect toilet with the right dimensions for your toilet space.

What is the right toilet height?

Although determining the toilet height is very important, this is often not taken into account during a renovation. However, a few small centimeters higher or lower can have a lot of influence on the degree of comfort when sitting on a toilet bowl. Of course, it’s not nice if your feet don’t touch the ground or if your knees are almost in your neck. But what is the right toilet height?

The average toilet has a width of about 40 centimeters. For desired functionality, at least 20 cm must be free on each side of the toilet. This is a total of 80 cm, which is a minimum. The standard height of a toilet is a minimum of 30 cm measured from the tiled floor to the edge of the toilet bowl. Most standard sizes indicated are measured from the floor to the edge of the pot and not the edge of the glasses. A standard height is usually between 40 and 45 cm.

Dimensions toilet and toilet depth

For the best comfort, you should also pay attention to the width and depth of the toilet. First of all, it is self-evident that the toilet seat and the toilet depth are matched. If this is not the case, the toilet seat will of course not sit well on the toilet. As a result, the toilet seat will break quickly. Besides, of course, it is very uncomfortable.

In general, you have the option of three global toilet depths, namely standard, compact and extended. We explain these three toilet depths for you:

Compact; a compact toilet, also called a shortened toilet, is recommended if you don’t have much space. With a compact toilet, you save space because the toilet depth is less than with a standard and extended toilet. A compact hanging toilet usually has a depth of 47 to 49 cm and thus provides more legroom.

Standard; do you have more room for a toilet? Then a standard toilet is a good choice. A standard toilet offers the necessary comfort and makes it possible to use a universal toilet seat.

Extended; an extended toilet is very suitable for disabled people and is accessible and easy to maintain.

Toilet dimensions tailored to the household

For toilet dimensions, it is of course not entirely insignificant to take into account the body length of the persons in the house, who have to use the toilet daily. This can be quite tricky because of course, not everyone has the same length. For tall people, for example, a high toilet bowl at about 45 cm height is finer, but this is not ideal for someone short.

Tip: if possible, try out some heights and dimensions and experience for yourself what you, and the rest of you in the household, like sitting there. To experience a lower toilet bowl, you can put several books under your feet.

You not only need to take your height into account, but also feel like you are comfortable with it. If you choose a hanging toilet it is still possible to try different heights in your own bathroom. You can easily adjust a hanging toilet before installation.

Benefits correct toilet dimensions

Determining the correct dimensions of the toilet also brings some advantages. Check out the benefits of the right toilet dimensions below.

  • This way, you can of course take into account the space in your toilet room or bathroom and thus adjust the layout and interior accordingly. Of course, there must be enough room to move around the toilet so that you can sit comfortably.
  • The correct size of the toilet can also help promote your bowel movements. Remember: a low toilet is better for bowel movements.

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