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Kids Bathroom Accessories Tips: All About Fun and Creativity

The accessories using in kids bathroom has become a great part of bath accessories industry. Many themes are marked such as the popular sea and beach, the little mermaid, penguin bath, and little ducky items.

The other classic, but still sold out kids bathroom accessories are Disney princess bathroom accessories. Aurora, Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty are still catching many girls’ attention. They asked for these accessories instead of being a real princess.

Spa fantasia

Using Disney princesses as kids’ bathroom accessories will give a fantastic impression on your girls’ bathroom. First, paint the wall with pale blue and place a Disney princess shower curtain on it. This curtain shows six faces of Disney princesses, each in a pink hearts.

Other Disney princess accessories are towels, bath rugs, plastic waste can, soap dish, toothbrush holder, and many more. Of course, in every item, there are your princesses smiling on it

These kids’ bathroom accessories come with several collections, such as Forever, Stardust, and Love’s First Kiss collection. You can choose based on your kid’s idol.

The Princess theme can be applied in the bedroom too. Your girls will be excited realizing that she has the same decoration in her bath and bed. Be sure you will match the basic color and use fewer images in her bedroom.

Other characters

Not every girl prefer princess in their bathroom although they love using it in their bed. Think about ballerina bath accessories or other cartoon characters such as Minnie Mouse and Backyardigans.

The popular sea themes Kids Bath Accessories

The idea of kids’ bathroom accessories will be different if it belongs to a boy. Instead of using a charming prince, it’s better for decorating it with sea themes. Combining two kinds of cartoon characters can be a good option, such as mixing Finding Nemo and Little mermaid accessories with a proper composition.

Start with panting the pale white background on your wall and hanging a seashell-pictured curtain. Choose curtain hooks with fish shape.

Use Little mermaid towel set for girls and Finding Nemo themes for boys. Match this towel set with the rob hooks behind the door or in the wall. Hang a mirror decorating with mermaids and fishes based on your kid’s height.

Making differences between girls and boys accessories can identify whose tools it is. Be sure they use their own soap separately. Choose plastic items for safety.

Another theme of Kids bathroom accessories

1. Jungle: jungle wallpaper or green-painted wall can be a good background for this theme. Choose accessories with wild animal images and safari tan towels.

2. Rubber ducky: apply blue background of yellow ducks. These themes are easy to find, bright, and soft.

3. Pond: this theme shows more relaxation by putting pond plants like water lilies, lily pads, an aquarium, green frog, ducks, and other garden stuff.

Whatever theme you choose, the main point is making your kids enjoy their bathroom activities.

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