Nature inspired bathroom accessories

Nature Inspired Bathroom Designs: Color, Decor and Accessories

Nature Inspired Bathroom Design Ideas – Are you the kind of person who loves nature stuff or the peacefulness of the earth elements? Do you have the traditional house theme with a lot of wooden element? Or are you simply just looking for the bathroom design to suit your need of relaxing and peaceful space?

Then you will love this nature theme bathroom. It is simple, yet it will have special details that will remind you of the green trees, fragrant soil, and the flowing river. Basically, anything you need to find some peaceful getaway after long and tiring day. Here you are going to find several ticks and trip to decorate your bathroom with the nature theme.

Color temperature and its role in bathroom lighting

Nature bathroom lighting ideas

Nature bathroom flooring options ideas
Nature bathroom wall ideas on a budget

First of all, the color choice of the bathroom is very important to start making the theme. Use the calm and soothing color such as crème or off white for the walls, and brown for the floor. It will be the basic palette that will bring the spacious and calm atmosphere to your sight.

Furthermore, the bright and calm color will leave you many opportunities to explore your creativity since it is clean and easy to combine. Don’t forget to use the soft and tender dim light to give you a relaxing scene that will match the color palette of your nature theme bathroom. Besides, the dim light will remind you of the peeping sun light between trees in the forest.

Ideas about natural bathroom furniture

Natural oak bathroom furniture
Stone earth natural bathroom furniture

After the color, the furniture choices are next. Wooden and stone material would be suitable for this nature theme bathroom. For example, you can use the wooden drawer for the bathroom supply. You can also use a gray stone material for the bathtub.

Therefore, the nature theme will be elevated since you actually use the nature element as the material for the bathroom. And to make the bathroom feels even more natural, a wooden floor could be your choice. An application of stones on the wall will be great too. Just set your creativity free to play with the natural element in every part of your bathroom.

Use natural elements in the bathroom for a fresh decor

Natural Elements In The Bathroom For a Fresh Decor

Ideas of Bathroom Design With Natural Influences
Bathroom decorating with natural elements

As for the perfection of the nature theme bathroom, finding the right decoration is very important to build the nature theme to be bolder. For example, you should put several live plants around the bathroom. The green color will make the bathroom feels more natural and it will also release a nice fresh air for the room.

Simple leaf plants will indeed do the trick, but to have one that has flowers with beautiful color will boost the pretty nature feeling of the bathroom even more. Furthermore, if you are using the wooden floor, the accent of the real and natural wooden plank pattern can add more authenticity rather than having the perfectly polished wood. Furthermore, additional details such as small bamboo fountain can also be a great way to add more nature feeling in the bathroom if you have enough space for that.

The bathroom is the place where you can have your personal time, away from the stress of daily activity. Therefore, to have your bathroom designed to give you peace and calmness of nature is indeed a great thing to do.

Even if you are not an outdoor or adventure kind of person, this bathroom theme will definitely still suit your needs of the calm and soothing personal space. Besides, the theme is very easy to make since the elements that are needed are already everywhere around us.

And for the perfection of final details, you can add decoration made out of nature stuff such as a water cup made out of a coconut shell or a soap cart made out of bamboo. And you can also use the fragrant flower scent or the pine woods scent for the air freshener selection of your nature theme bathroom. You might also read one of a great article about Bathroom floor design and tile layout, or see also about small bathroom design ideas.

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