How do I stop condensation on bathroom mirror?

No More Condensation on the Bathroom Mirror: 3 Practical Tips

Do you suffer from condensation on the bathroom mirror? There is nothing more annoying than a mirror that is fogged up all the time, especially if you just want to do your hair or put on makeup. In most cases, you would like to do this after a shower, while unfortunately, that causes the mirror to fog up.

Fortunately, there are useful tips available, especially for the bathroom. Well suited to prevent condensation on the mirror after a shower. And also ideal if you have just relaxed in the bath, to make sure that you can look fresh afterward.

How do you get rid of condensation on a mirror?

What causes condensation?

Prevent condensation on the bathroom mirror, for example after a shower? It is important to know where this is coming from to ensure a good solution. This has to do with the difference between the temperature of the air in the bathroom and the mirror.

As soon as you take a shower, the temperature in the bathroom quickly rises. The warm air contains a lot of moisture, both during and after a shower, and when you use the bath.

The mirror, meanwhile, is just (still) cold. That big temperature difference ensures that the moisture from the air seeks the cold. It settles on the cold mirror, causing it to fog up.

The condensation on the mirror ensures that you cannot use it properly, while you would like to do so at such a time.
Prevent condensation on the bathroom mirror

Do you suffer from condensation on the bathroom mirror and looking for tips to prevent this? We have listed a few for you:

  • Mirror blow-dry
  • Shaving cream on the mirror
  • Heating in the bathroom mirror

Mirror blow-dry

Quickly remove condensation from the mirror in the bathroom without having to wipe it out with a towel? It is important to bring the bathroom mirror up to temperature. The easiest way to do this is to use a hairdryer. This allows you to heat the mirror, just as it does with the air when you step into the shower.

Set the hairdryer on the warm setting and blow the air out over the different parts of the mirror. Of course, you can start at the point you would like to use.

The longer you use the warm air from the hairdryer, an increasingly large part of the mirror will be cleaned of condensation. It prevents the mirror from fogging up, so you can use it at that time without any problems.

Shaving cream on the mirror

We also understand that you don’t want to use the hairdryer every time to use the mirror in the bathroom. Fortunately, it is also possible to prepare in advance, so that the mirror will no longer fog up. How that works? For example, you can use shaving cream.

Shaving foam has a protective effect on the glass, so that condensation does not get a chance to adhere to it. It works the same as car wax, which on the mirrors of the car is a good choice for many people. This prevents condensation from forming, as the water will just run off it instead.

Shaving cream also contains a few fats, which ensure that a protective layer is formed. You can use this foam just like a little shampoo or dish soap.

Preferably use a mirror cloth to spread this neatly and apply a thin layer. Then use a clean mirror cloth to rub it again, so that it is well spread.

Heating in the bathroom mirror

Do you want to ensure that the mirror does not suffer from condensation every time without special means and a hairdryer? That is also possible, thanks to the heating that is available for this. Affixed (or to be applied) to the back of the mirror in the bathroom

By linking the heating to the lighting, you ensure that there is light at the touch of a button and that the bathroom mirror will not fog up.

The heating behind the mirror neatly brings it up to temperature, in line with the air in the room that heats up. When showering and taking a bath, the high temperature of the mirror ensures that condensation does not have a chance to settle on it.

Instead, the mirror stays neat and clean, making it no problem to use it after showering. It is the best choice for the bathroom, of course, based on a secure connection so as not to worry about it.

Buy bathroom mirror: online and in the showroom

Do you want to make sure that you no longer suffer from condensation on the bathroom mirror? Thanks to the above tips, this no longer has to be a problem, both with an existing and a new model.

And are you going to buy a new bathroom mirror? Discover our extensive range online, for example in the available various sizes.

Or come and see them in our showrooms, where we will be happy to show you what is available in this area. In this way, you make the best choice for a beautiful, new mirror in the bathroom. Moreover, it does not fog up, because condensation has no chance. see also Applying the Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Decorating and Accessories

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