Toothbrush Holder Recycled Craft Kit

Toothbrush Holder Ideas From Recycled Stuff – DIY Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that we use a lot. Therefore, the design and the decoration should be exciting and not boring.

Furthermore, it should also be neat since we will spend a private time there and we deserve to have some comfort.

If you want to meet all of the necessities above, you should get a decoration that also has a function.

For example, you can have a toothbrush holder ideas that is also have a cute design. Therefore, it will also have a function as decoration.

Creative DIY Toothbrush Holders Ideas

Does your bathroom lacks, toothbrush holders? You keep your toothbrushes in a plastic cup that tip over if not put at the right angle? We present you with some neat and easy toothbrush holders DIY ideas.

You can use various things to keep your toothbrush and toothpaste in. Test tubes, toothpaste tubes, miniature kid toys, and even silverware are some of the things you can use for a toothbrush holder.

Check out these interesting toothbrush holders, and make your everyday routine easier. Who knows you might come up with a more unique and one of a kind idea to make a beautiful accessory to your bathroom.

Creative DIY Toothbrush Holders

Recycled Plastic Toothbrush Holder
Toothbrush Holder Recycled Craft Kit

Why do I mention toothbrush holder ideas you might ask. This simple functional thing is indeed often to be forgotten.

However, it is actually quite important since the toothbrush is one of the most important bath utensils that need to be clean and protected.

Therefore, you cannot just let them lying around unprotected. Because it can get dirty easily and you don’t want to have anything dirty in your mouth right? Simply, the toothbrush holder is very important and should not be taken lightly.

Here we have brought to some really fun and interesting ideas showing how you can make some cool yet functional toothbrush holders for your bathrooms spaces and that too using home lying stuff and thus saving your efforts and money.

So have a look at these DIY toothbrush holder ideas having been collected all over the web so that you get the best ones to get inspiration from. Things like empty mason jars, cups, mugs, faux toys, frogs, DIY clothe pins, PVC pipe, etc have been used to turn them into the utter practical toothbrush holders so that you enjoy a fully organized bathroom area

Toothbrush Holder Recycled Craft Kit

how to make toothbrush holder at home

toothbrush arts and crafts

diy wall mounted toothbrush holder

Kids - Children's Toothbrush Holder

As stated earlier, the toothbrush holder ideas could be in the form of an acute holder to make it functional as decoration as well.

For example, you can have a toothbrush holder design that has a cartoon character shape. Furthermore, you can also choose the design to suit the theme of your bathroom.

It could be an earthy design if you have an elegant theme bathroom. Or it can also be a simple monochrome design if you have a modern bathroom.

Whichever you choose, make sure that it will function perfectly both as the holders as well as the decoration for your bathroom.

If you want to have toothbrush holder ideas that are more unique and original, you also made the holders yourself.

You can use whatever stuff around you that is no longer in use. If they have attractive color, it would be even better. For example, you can use a bottle cap made out of plastic.

Simply make a chapped in one side of the bottle cap, and make sure the size of the chapped suitable for your toothbrush’s neck.

And then, you can just glue the bottle cap to the wall and voila, you have a new holder. You can do the same with much other stuff.

For example, you can the holders from the unused plastic utensil, unused contact lenses cases, medicine plastic bottles, and much other stuff.

Just make sure to clean them beforehand so it will not get your toothbrush dirty instead.

The recycling toothbrush holder ideas are indeed very attractive and also functional. However, this idea also has many other benefits.

For one, it will be a great way for you to save up the money because now you don’t have to buy a new holder. Furthermore, it will also be a good thing for the earth, because you are making use of the thing that should have been garbage.

This way, you reduce the plastic waste that could have to poison our soil and water. With so many benefits coming from a simple idea, there is no reason for you not to have one of these ideas in your home bathroom.

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  1. I tried to make one for my son
    It was very beautiful and he liked it very much

  2. Great idea for your toothbrush.
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