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Small Bathroom Vanity Cabinets: Layout and Design Ideas

Bathroom Vanity Storage Ideas – Dealing with small bathroom can be frustrating. Not only that you have to fit all important fixtures in it, you need to think about how to design bathroom vanity cabinets that will not make your bathroom feel smaller.

Custom bathroom vanity cabinets is the best idea for a small bathroom because you can make sure it fits the arrangements and you can maximize space and storage.  The custom cabinet can cost you more than factory made cabinets, but see the chance add little bit style to make you feel comfortable being in the small bathroom.

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To avoid feeling stuffy or being in the smaller bathroom, consider also open or glass door bathroom vanity cabinets. Choose light materials with a simple design to avoid the addition of height and weight into the small bathroom. Last, the choice of colors is also important to consider.

Choose light or soft colors such as white, light blue, soft green, pastel colors that match to the bathroom wall paint and flooring to create the extended effect. Consider also to use glossy finishing or mirror cabinet doors where reflections may add extra depth and width to your small bathroom.

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The best thing you can do is to buy built in sink bathroom vanity cabinets. Some big stores like Ikea provide this product in different sizes. Most of Ikea design fits small and modern bathroom design. You can order custom built in or integrated sink bathroom vanity cabinets if you prefer traditional or quality cabinets.

The advantage having a custom built-in sink vanity cabinet is that you can choose different details that match your taste. You can choose different materials, type of coating and finishing, accessories and type of storage. You can design whether you want close or open storage, also whether you want to use drawers or doors.

High Bathroom Cabinets

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If you really want to maximize your small bathroom space, you can consider buying or design high bathroom cabinets. You can even design up to ceiling cabinets to make sure you have enough space to storage your stuff. Place these high bathroom cabinets at the edge or corner of your small bathroom.

You can also design the high cabinet integrated with your bathroom vanities. To avoid feeling stuffy or being in the smaller bathroom, consider also open or glass door bathroom vanity cabinets.

Floating Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

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Floating bathroom vanity cabinets is also another great idea for small bathroom. Empty space under your floating vanity cabinets will add dimensions such as height and depth to your small bathroom.  You need to design slim cabinets or open vanity cabinets to avoid your small bathroom feels narrow.

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It is important to design lighting to your bathroom to manipulate dimension or simply to attract attention. Try soft lighting on the vanities area, for example on the sides of the bathroom mirror. Try also to set lights under the floating bathroom vanity cabinets for a modern and artistic look.

If you prefer natural lighting, place your vanity cabinets next to the bathroom window to reflect more light into your small bathroom. See also: Applying the Bathroom Mirror Ideas – Decorating and Accessories.

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